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The Perfect Performance Look


Boot-Kote cleaner for Dance Boots

Paint our Boot Kote directly onto leather.
It covers grass stains and scuffs.
Makes them look brand new!!!!!!!!

Cleaning Process For White Go Go Boots:

First of all, spray new boots with Scotch Gard Fabric Protector – no generics, use Scotch Gard brand.  This helps protect the boots and makes them easier to clean.

Fill up your sink with warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent (nothing with bleach in it) and about 2 tablespoons of the Oxi clean Stain Removal powder.

Take one boot at a time, and dip the nylon end into the water and scrunch it like you are hand washing something. You can twist out the water and scrunch again. This removes and loosens up the dirt and stains.

Then put your hand inside boot and use Oxi Clean Spray and put on the stains one at a time. Use a small soft bristle tooth brush and rub hard over stains wait up to 3 minutes but don’t allow to let it dry on your boot.  Blot well with a white towel or paper towel.  Rinse the boot thoroughly and then squeeze out all the excess water.

I use a magic eraser on the leather part of the boot to remove any scuff marks or stains.  You can also use the tooth brush on the heel and sides of boots with a little Oxi Clean Spray.

Then when finished I wrap the boot in a white hand towel and twist out as much water as I can so that the drying time doesn't take as long. Then you can place the towel or a paper towel in the boot as it lies to dry while you do the next one

Repeat the process with the next boot, starting all over from the beginning :)

Oxi Clean

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